It must be one of the 'I'm up late' moments. But I was thinking about what is important about going to bed early verses staying up late and, should I say, enjoying the peace and quiet.  I stay up way too late most nights and get up late in the morning.  I have all sorts of things I do when I stay up, entering giveaways, blogging on my family's site, working on HTML codes, emailing (not that I email a lot of people, it's just reading all the mail from email subscriptions.).
Which brings me to my question, what is important: going to bed early or staying up late and getting things you want done? That's something I haven't figured out yet. What about you?


Lee Ryan said...

Go to bed early and get those things done early before others wake up.

Ok - I'm not sure why that's much different than late-to-bed-late-to-rise but anyway...just a thought.

Hannah said...

Thanks Lee for the comment!

I do like going to bed early, but I think I've developed a bad habit of staying up late. Which I am working on... Went to bed an hour earlier last night :*)...

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