Today marks a year since I paid my first, and I hope my last, visit to the ER for a severe sore throat. We were spending Thanksgiving with Momma's family and we all had varying degrees of sore  throats, runny noses, etc...  On Friday, I was feeling awful, though it's hard to remember about it. I do remember that breathing fast helped my throat feel a little better and that my fingers and around my eyes were tingling and I remember being very cold and crying because I hurt all over. I know that they drew blood (another first, that I hope not to repeat in an ER), because it hurt when she took the needle out and I had a bruise there. When Daddy took me back to Nona's house, I went right to bed and slept most of the afternoon. The next morning, Momma and I left early in the morning to go to Macon from North GA, Momma took me to see the oncall doctor at J's pediatrician, because the antibiotic wasn't helping and the pain meds didn't do anything to clear whatever it was up. Dr. G gave me a prescription for steriods. I was to take them for six days. By the second day, I felt so much better and I was able to work with J on his tubing and check 'n' changes. Momma and Daddy and K did them while I was sick. That is one experience that I wouldn't like to repeat.

This year, Nona, Poppa and Uncle E came down on Wednesday and we had a great visit. Thursday, we all ate Thanksgiving dinner together. It was delicious!


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