Yesterday we got the go-ahead from J's surgeon to start putting saline (we made ours, since it didn't need to be sterile) into J's mucous fistula to flush his colon. I was a little nervous yesterday, but it scared me today when I encountered some resistance while I was sliding  in the tube. It made me wonder if I was doing anything wrong and if it was possible to puncture the intestines. I would think not, especially with the tiny foley catheter, but....  Right now, J seems to be tolerating 1 oz flushes every 3 hours or so.  I'm thankful that it's going smoothly so far and J is still able to run around and play.  But I'm still a little nervous when I've put the catheter in. Maybe its good to be nervous and to have that extra check... Because I'll be doing this several times a day for at least two more months.


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