J really loves to dress up in a suit and tie (the tie is probably the most important, since he thinks it makes him look like Daddy, even though Daddy rarely wears one.) Yesterday, we were looking for an outfit J could wear today to Atlanta for an appointment and J found a tie. We pulled out a suit J was given back in 2007 (he was almost 3 then) and it still fits him, probably because he's gotten taller and slimmed down from all the steroids.

B, C, and I took J outside and got some pictures of him all dressed up with the new camera from Grandpa John and Grandma Nan (Thank you so much!)

I do have some more pictures to post, but they are on the other computer, so they will have to wait for right now! But they are some great pictures of things we've been doing around here! 



Shelby said...

the one with the dog is the cutest thing!

Hannah said...

LOL Shelby! That was my favorite one, too!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Hannah! Can't pick a favorite - they're all wonderful to see. love you, Nona

Baby Blessings said...

Those are adorable! I like the one with the dog, Mariah likes the "colored" one! :>)

Nancy said...

You are welcome, sweetie. We've been sort of out of your loop lately, and we are glad we could think of something that you all could enjoy. N

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