that you know too much about medical things when you:

  • restart the little guy on anti-fungal meds without talking with the doctors
  • have to explain to the home health agency person on the phone that you need a catheter, ileostomy bags, g-tube supplies, and more ostomy clips
  • miss giving a dose of antibiotic and don't worry about making it up
  • recognize yeast starting under the ostomy bag
J has been getting too big for the paper diapers and we've wanted to switch to cloth diapers, but couldn't find one that the size charts said would fit him and give that extra leeway we needed for his ileostomy bag. And to tell the truth, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the diaper choices out there. I mean, there are pockets, fitted, contour, covers, inserts, doublers, etc.... and how is one suppose to know what's what?!?!  As part of a homeschool project and (kinda of a stress reducer for me) Momma and I have been working on a review and giveaway blog. Through twitter, I've met several moms who cloth diaper their babies, and one mom in particular has been really helpful. A week ago, she sent us a cloth diaper she had for us to use on J. It fit him perfectly, with room to spare. When I first put the diaper on J, he gave this big sign of relief and was so upset when we had to take the diaper off to wash it. The same night the diaper came, Momma and I found a site and ordered him 12 more of the same kind of diapers. They came this Monday and we washed them that night and since Tuesday, J has been in cloth diapers all the time.

Something I've learned with cloth diapers is, you can't judge how much they wet the diaper by feeling it, while they are still wearing said diaper. I left J in a cloth diaper for 6 hours and pushed fluids, because I thought "he isn't drinking enough, he's still really dry!"... When I took the diaper off, it was slightly wet soaked!!!

I'm waaayyyy behind on school and today, I asked Momma if I could stop the book I'm currently working on since I'm over 2/3 of the way through and so now I'm working on a placement test to see which book I will/can move too.  I love the thrill and tension of math, but it sometime seems that I've already seen that particular problem multiple times before.

Did you know that there are degrees in Graphic Design? I didn't... but I do enjoy some of the benefits that come from graphics, coupled with a well-designed site. I was looking at a program for graphic design that some blog designers use and then I noticed the price tag.......... over $600 dollars for this one software program! Ouch!

We've been doing some cleaning around here and I was told that our my nightstand that K and I share was a (putting it mildly) big mess. So, I spent some time cleaning it out and sorting through our piles. I came across my journal from our trip to Minnesota in 2008 and read through it. Something I had written down was a quote from a friend, 'why use one word when you can use twenty!'. I'm afraid that is rather me. I can go on and on about one particular subject and then change it without a moment of warning. My poor Momma is often the subject of my scattered thoughts.

I'm hoping to post pictures soon, but a little someone who shall remain nameless has dropped the camera once again... there is talk of said person buying a camera of their own so that they don't break any more cameras.  I'm thinking about getting a camera to use, but then I look at the prices and my bank account and they suffer large differences in the monetary factor.

A fun bit for you, I learned recently how to make hearts. On the computer for blogger!

here's how it works...

& hearts ; remove the spaces and hit preview and your ♥ will appear. Now I want to learn how to make stars! lol!

and don't write Whala.... write Voila. It's French! ;)

Good night!


Shelby said...

haha! I feel your pain about the camera. Me and my mom have been savin up for one, and just when we have the money the camera we wanted was discontinued. ;( Ah, well just keep saving. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah~
Thanks so much for awarding me, I really appreciate it! =) We are currently without at computer, but should have one soon, (I am useing the librarys) and as soon as we have one, I will post the award.... Thanks!
hope you are having a wonderful day,

Hannah said...

That's too bad about your camera! I don't know what I would do is mine broke!

I LOVE your new background! Wherever did you get it? Very cute!!


Hannah said...


I found a website while I was doing some searches for blog templates and browsed through them... Some of the templates aren't that great, but there are some nice ones. Here's the link to the template I used:

It's a bit complicated at first, especially since it's a zipped file. I don't know how much the directions cover, since I didn't read them. LOL!


McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Hello Sweet Hannah!
I just got your comment;)
That's funny that you are baking bread, because I am just about to bake a bunch of bread to take to my Grandparents house for Easter.

I hope to see you tomorrow!!

I love you...

Abigail and Lydia said...

Thank-you for awarding me Hannah! Our computer wasn't working for a while so I that's why I'm late in responding to your comment on my blog. Thank-you for it!

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