Please keep the Duggar family in your prayers. You probably know that the Duggars were expecting their 19th child in March. But Mrs. Dugger was airlifted to the University of Arkansas this past week and the baby was delivered by emergency c-section on the 10th ( J's birthday). Her name is Josie Brooklyn and she weighs 1lb 6 ozs. She will be in the NICU (neonatel intensive are unit) for awhile. I know the Duggars would apprieciate your prayers. We've been there and done that ourselves, not with a preemie though. 'J' was transported to MN Children's the day after he was born because he had a blockage in his intestines. We were there through Christmas and I still remember the day he was released from the hospital. Becca started it all off, when she got sick on Christmas Day at our aunt's house (where we were staying for three days, till the family we stayed with the rest of the time came home from their family Christmas celebration), the night before 'J' was released, I got sick and the next day, 'O' and Daddy were putting suitcases in the van and 'O' threw up just as he came in the door. Over the next couple weeks, everyone, but 'J', got sick. It was an interesting Christmas to be sure!


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