This is our Christmas tree! that promptly came down two days after Christmas... It would have come down the day after Christmas, but some of us picked up a stomach bug (it wasn't me though. I got it two days before!)

J opening the very first present of the day--Baby Jesus!

 This little boy loves babies!

J loves having tea, so Momma and Daddy got him a tea set from Grandma. He loves pouring and drinking tea and on Christmas day, spent the afternoon drinking tea aka water!

One of O's sweet little sisters got him camo face paint (with help from Daddy).

Just opened a Melissa & Doug wooden toy and playing with it!

J's favorite present... pardon the ostomy bag :*)...

B got a pocket knife and a bicycle helmet! Both of which she had been asking for awhile!

Yep... the #1 favorite present! A Fisher-Price Vintage Farm along with animals...

including a horse!

I got several great gifts - Il Divo Christmas Songs CD, bobbins for my sewing machine, a book about the basics of making skirts! I actually made a pink fleece skirt the night before New Year's Eve, so I could have something warm while we were on the road. It was very comfy and warm. I even put in my first zipper, it didn't turn out that bad :*)... I just sewed it to the other side of the skirt the first time. I'm so thankful for seam rippers! and a Cake Decorating book that my Nona got from her mother just before or just after my mother was born! It's a really neat book and for J's 4th birthday I made one of the cakes in the book. Maybe I'll put up pictures from it (if I can find them :*)).

I hope everyone had a happy New Year 2010! We celebrated on New Year's Eve with Momma's parents and aunt and uncle! It was a multi-affair, since we were also celebrating Poppa's 80th birthday!

Happy NON-Global Warming Everyone!

from the freezing South...


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