This is wood glue. Using this glue will cause to boards to stick together. But that isn't all it does.

1. For the longest lasting finger nail polish, use wood glue. One brush per application of glue. Remember your nails will be a bit darker than usual.
2. Turpentine, Goo-Gone, Carburetor Cleaner, Mineral Spirits, Lotion, Nail Polish Remover, Gasoline and Soap will not remove the glue. 
3. If wood glue spills, you may proceed to scratch the glue off, but a local pain reliever may be necessary after you scrape off the top layer of skin.
4. When applying wood glue to a project, hold the bottle like it's about to explode.
5. Find someone else to apply the wood glue and before they start, leave for..... Anywhere Else!

Congratulations, you've now learned all you need to know about working with wood glue.


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