Here's a quote I found on Facebook, that I really enjoyed!  Number 7 of What Southerners know about was my favorite!  

"A southern girl is a girl who knows full well that she can open a door for herself but prefers for the gentleman to do it because it demonstrates a sense of respect. After all, every girl wants to be treated like a princess. We know how to make sweet tea and grits. We pick our battles and fight with the heart of a pitbull while still maintaining grace and elegance. Our mystique is that of the soft-spoken, mild- mannered southern belle who could direct an army, loves her mama and will always be a daddy's girl."

What southerners know about:
1. The difference between a hissie fit and a conniption fit.
2. What general direction cattywumpus is.
3. That "gimme sugar" don't mean pass the sugar.
4. When somebody's "fixin" to do something, it won't be long.
5. A good dog is worth its weight in gold.
6. Real gravy don't come from the store.
7.The War of Northern Aggression was over state rights, not slavery.
8.When "by and by" is.
9.The difference between "pert' near" and "a right far piece."
10.The differences between a redneck, a good ol' boy, & trailer trash.
11.Never to go snipe hunting twice.
12.A belt serves a greater purpose than holding Daddy's pants up.
13.Rocking chairs and swings are guaranteed stress relievers.
14.Rocking chairs and swings with an old person in them are history lesson

"When life hands you a lemon put it in a glass of sweet tea and thank God you're a SOUTHERN GIRL!!"


McKenzie Elizabeth said...

That was cute Hannah! I like your new blog look, just in time for Memorial Day! :>)

Love you,

Hannah said...

Thank you McKenzie! I actually forgot that Memorial Day is coming up... since we're so busy getting everything together for James' surgery! Hard to believe that's just 9 days away!

Abigail and Lydia said...

That is so true, and so funny!! ☺ I agree with McKenzie, I really like your new look~

Lydia Caroline...

Abigail and Lydia said...

Hi Hannah-
Thanks for the comment! I enjoy getting them!! High-fiber loaf-haha ☺. My dad has referred to my mom's before as "hard-tack", it has improved over the years!!:)


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